I. N. Toskina


A new species of wood-borer beetle from Central Asia (Coleoptera: Ptinidae: Anobiinae) is de- scribed: Nicobium gorbatovskyi. Beetles brown, pubescence grey, dual. Pronotum 1.3–1.4 times as wide as long; surface with dense punctation; anterior angles flattened and a little reflexed to the lower side; posterior onеc strongly rounded. Pronotal basal half with semicircle impressions at every side. Lateral margins narrowly flattened. Elytra 1.6–1.7 times as long as wide; interstriae very slightly con- vex on disc, they are 4–5 times as wide as a stria. Punctures separated by 2–3 puncture diameters in the striae on elytral disc. Middle coxae strongly approximated. 1st segment of hind tarsi twice as long as the 2nd one; 2nd segment 1.4 times as long as the 3rd one; 3rd segment 1.7 times as long as the 4th one; 5th segment shorter, then the 2nd one. Length 2.7–3.5 mm. Uzbekistan, Turkmenia. The new spe- cies differs from N. hirtum (Illiger,1807), N. castaneum (Olivier, 1790), N. schneideri Reitter, 1878 by pronotum with strongly rounded posterior angles, wide and almost flat interstriae on elytral disc, thin striae; also it differs from N. schneideri by a short distance between middle  coxae.

The additional description with drawings is given to N. schneideri. Pronotum 1.2 times as wide as long; lateral margins widely flattened; anterior angles slightly acute, posterior angles clear. Surface with dense dual punctation. Elytra 1.7–1.9 times as long as wide; interstriae convex on elytral disc, about 1.5–1.6 times as wide as a stria; punctures round in the striae. Middle coxae separated by about a coxa diameter. Aedeagus: penial apex with rows of fine teeth; paramera looks like bidentate fork with equal teeth. Length 3.4–3.9 mm. The Caucasus, Crimea. N. schneideri differs from N. castaneum by pronotum with basal margin emarginate on either side, by broad interstriae on elytral disc, and round punctures in the striae. N. schneideri differs from N. hirtum by pronotal lateral margin without notch, by middle coxae separated by about a coxa diameter, by different appearance of striae and interstriae. The female of N. schneideri lays dozens of short oval eggs, their chorion is alveolate, without pro- cesses. Frass pellets of larvae are almost black, look like short cylinders with rounded apices. For pupa- tion larva moves towards outer surface and agglutinates here compact strong chamber of frass pellets. Emergence and first flight of beetles take place in June-July, flight holes are 1.5–2 mm in diameter. N. schneideri damage the furniture of hartwood, softwood, and plywood.


Nicobium, Anobiinae, Ptinidae, Coleoptera, new species, Palaearctica


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